Co-creating distinctiveness

At State of Great we have the master's touch to make your company distinctive.
We are with many, Dutch based, but all over the globe. Built to reach and tickle your audience.
We love to rethink organizations, to blow things up and build them back up, but better.
It's a cause we're endlessly devoted to.


We develop sound strategies. By gaining a clear understanding of what your company does, where it comes from and where it wants to be. Then we’ll position it at the heart of everything.


Sometimes the signature of a business just needs a little untangling. We co-create signature brands that are a coherent articulation of its purpose, values, traits and aspirations.


A fitting structure is the precondition for turning promises into results. We break down blocking barriers and translate the signature consistently into the new “way we do things around here”.

Our "Secret" Mission

SAVING THE WORLD FROM BORING companies, the type that’s always on repeat and never paid attention to.

It’s perfectly natural to want to fit in - to stick with what’s familiar and play it safe. But for a company, playing it safe is dangerous nowadays. To stand out, you must be willing to take a stand. Our approach to strategy and positioning is grounded in a thorough understanding of your industry landscape and what makes your business unique.

We take a close look at your people, structure, strategy and competitors and position your business in a territory that is both ownable and authentic, to take full advantage of the market opportunity in a way that makes sense and is worth the enduring attention of your audience. We don't just come up with great ideas, we also assist your business in restructuring, implementing and adapting.

A super-powered think tank of Topguns

Togheter we stand with affective ideas. And you guessed it right, we are not a traditional agency.
We're joined with many, to help our clients grow and thrive with purpose and passion.
Best said, we are hungry and ambitious. But we have a big heart and a light touch.
We just hope you are ready to get to know us a lot better.






We've got you covered

Don't call us, we call you... really!